Voter Info

Changes in Virginia's Voting Laws

First, 45-day no-excuse early voting is permanent.  Starting September 17th, you can vote early in-person (with proper ID) at the Registrar’s office on the 5th floor of the Executive Office Plaza at 601 Caroline Street without having to provide a reason.

Also, from now on, when you request a mail-in ballot – either online at the Virginia Department of Elections, or by contacting our City Registrar’s office – your mail-in ballot will contain an additional box where you can opt-in to automatically receive your mail-in ballot 45 days before all future elections.   

Virginia Absentee Ballot Application Form Sample pre filled out for Wanda Maximoff
Virginia Absentee Ballot Application Form Sample

Also, your ballot will come with a postage prepaid envelope in which you can mail your ballot back to the Registrar, so you no longer have to buy a stamp to vote.  As always, your ballot must be sent to the Registrar by 7:00 PM on election day, November 2nd.

Finally, the Dropbox that appeared in front of the Executive Plaza Office Building at 601 Caroline Street during COVID will now remain permanently.  You can drop mail-in ballot applications or your ballots in that box anytime of the day – any day of the week – during the 45-day early voting period.  Your ballot must be received by 7 PM on Election Day – November 2nd. 

Ballot Drop Box