Kids from Hugh Mercer Elementary School help decorate the new Little Free Library

First-rate Education

Every child deserves a first-rate education.

Parents often tell me that they are concerned about teacher retention, school services and school capacity and that they are considering moving to a different school district in Virginia.  

Given everything this City has to offer, there is no reason why we cannot provide our children with the best public school education in the State.  

Our mission begins by being certain our teachers and administrators have the resources and funding required to be successful.

Fredericksburg should support and fund universal pre-K classes. Studies have consistently shown that intervention at this stage is a strong predictor of a child’s ultimate success in school.

Capacity issues in our schools are mounting. City Council will need to work cooperatively with the School Board, the Fredericksburg community and private companies to find the solutions our children deserve. We must act creatively and decisively to solve school capacity issues in our elementary schools.

Education does not just mean K-12. Vocational, trade and IT training, adult learning centers and English-language learning programs are critical for the economic growth of Fredericksburg.  We must provide tools, resources and opportunities to help every member of our community thrive. Forging more public-private partnerships to help with job training and English-language learning to create good paying jobs for Fredericksburg’s citizens is essential.

A good education not only prepares students for the future, but educational institutions serve as the hubs of a community. They tie a community together. Working together to make sure we provide all children with the best learning environments and experiences is in the best interest of all. It’s time.