Arial view of the proposed Fredericksburg Art District

Equitable Housing

I strongly believe that the City of Fredericksburg can be both a thriving community and a compassionate one.

In fact, the success of our community depends on a socio-economically diverse population of teachers, artists, small business entrepreneurs, public servants, professionals, employees in the private sector, and retirees. Our City’s unique character is due in large part to how very interesting and diverse our population is.

The question of who can afford to live here – and how to prevent further erosion of the City’s socio-economic diversity while preserving Fredericksburg’s strong sense of neighborhood and community – has no easy answers in this era of increasing income inequality and rapid growth.

The impact on the quality of life, the environment, and the character of neighborhoods throughout the City must be carefully considered before rushing to build taller and denser everywhere. In a city as small as Fredericksburg, open space and sunlight are precious assets that once lost to development can never be reclaimed.  

Our housing needs will change, and we need to adjust accordingly by applying 21st Century solutions to housing demands. We need to incorporate an accurate inventory of existing properties and development opportunities available for our workforce in our needs analysis. Then, utilize the form-based approach to our small area planning as an effective tool that encourages housing solutions that foster the City’s sense of place, economic development opportunities and equitable housing. It’s time.