Gaye Todd Adegbalola

Gaye Todd Adegbalola

Activist, Musician, Educator, Life-Long Fredericksburg Resident

I am supporting Jon Gerlach for Fredericksburg’s City Council. I support him for the following reasons...

Jon is a man who still says “please” and “thank you.”  He is a man who holds the door open and pulls out a chair.  This simply illustrates how he honors tradition instead of giving it lip service.  This kind of action speaks volumes to me: JON GERLACH IS A GENTLEMAN.

I have worked with Jon on several projects. When he gives his commitment, you can count on him.  You can count on him to be present, to be ontime, to keep his word. JON GERLACH IS A RELIABLE MAN, A DEPENDABLE MAN.

Jon doesn’t talk a lot.  He quietly takes in the entirety of situations before he speaks. When he does speak, he has thought about his position on whatever the issue or the situation might be.  He speaks with clarity.  He speaks with conviction.  JON GERLACH IS A THINKING MAN.

Jon investigates issues related to all aspects of the broad Fredericksburg community — that also includes the surrounding counties.  He knows that decisions specific to the 22401 area impact the larger area.  Whether the issue is clean air and water, fire and rescue services, education, taxes.  Jon has the studied ability to examine the past, to analyze the present, and to responsibly predict future needs.  JON GERLACH IS A MAN OF VISION.  

So it is that he is a pro-activeman, not a re-active man. JON IS A RESPONSE/ABLE (responsible) MAN.

Personally,I have had to call on Jon in time of need. I personally needed help when I was blindsided by a legal situation.  Jon was able to respond to the urgency of the situation and offer the necessary legal advice.  Though my situation is an isolated event, I have seen Jon respond to the needs of others in similar dire situations. JON GERLACH IS AN ACCESSIBLE MAN.  

Given the way the Fredericksburg area is growing. Given the rapidity of construction, the vast investments, the need for affordable housing, the oft forgotten needs of the poor of our community, it would be a worthy addition to have someone with legal knowledge on the Council.  Using this knowledge, he is able to champion the needs of ALL of Fredericksburg’s citizens.  JON GERLACH IS AN INCLUSIVE MAN.

Regardless your position on the items I’ve described above, there is one trait that is undeniable and consistent throughout: JON GERLACH IS A TRANSPARENT, HONEST AND INDEPENDENT MAN.

There is no question that when I vote for Fredericksburg City Council, I will mark my ballot for JON GERLACH. I invite other 22401 voters to examine his credentials, to meet him, to hear him and, indeed to vote for him.  “IT’S TIME!”


Gaye Todd Adegbalola