Eric Bonds Ph.D.

Eric Bonds Ph.D.

Co-Founder of Fossil Free Fredericksburg Professor of Sociology at UMW

I'm excited to support Jon Gerlach for city council for several reasons.

For one, I've seen how committed Jon is to the well-being of our city and our community members.

He's all over the place, attending meetings left and right.  

But it's not just his attendance at these meetings that matters, Jon is there actively learning and listening to what what this community needs, taking in people's ideas and suggestions on how to solve the problems that confront our community and learning from citizens how to make it a better place for everyone.  

What's more, I've seen how Jon, with his legal background and long history of community service, has wonderful ideas in mind himself.  

Jon is a collaborator, a bridge-builder, and an innovative leader.  

His election to City Council will mean great things for Fredericksburg.  I can't wait.